We are proud to be associated with Women’s Aid, the national charity working to end domestic abuse against women and children. Women’s Aid is a lifesaving federation of frontline domestic abuse services, supporting women and children at the most challenging times of their lives. It is a service that is of vital importance, particularly during the crisis we are currently facing.

In April 2020, Gamesys Group was proud to make a significant contribution towards the continued operation of the Women’s Aid Live Chat Helpline. This online instant messenger service allows women to access emotional support and guidance from trained and experienced support workers.

The Live Chat Helpline, enables survivors visiting the Women’s Aid website to have their questions about domestic abuse answered through an instant, anonymous and safe messaging program, in real time, by an expert. The online chat provides women with quick access to advice and information in order to help them make safe decisions within the small windows of opportunity that they have to research, contact services or take action. The service is accessible and easy to use, and less intimidating than a more traditional phone call might be, particularly in the current circumstances. Since the outbreak of COVID-19 the charity has seen demand for this service rise by a staggering 41%, with over 600 women waiting in the queue to speak to one of their trained support workers.

The donation made by the Gamesys Foundation has allowed the service to increase its operating times from just 2 hours a day to 6 hours per day Monday – Friday (10am – 4pm), and 2 hours a day Saturday and Sunday (10am -12pm).